The Friendly and Affectionate Whippet Temperament. Look no further. In temperament, the Whippet is affectionate and gentle, but is capable of great intensity during sporting events. In the race for first place in the human heart, the Whippet is an odds-on favourite. The Whippet is a medium-sized sighthound, combining elegance and athleticism with a friendly, amiable disposition. In addition to being one of the most affectionate breeds, whippets are … Temperament: The temperament of the Whippet is affectionate, playful, and calm. Character: The Whippet is affectionate, peaceful, intelligent, and great with children. Gentle, affectionate, even disposition. Whippets have a lifespan of 12-15 years years. He was engineered to have the same qualities as the Greyhound, but simply to be much smaller in stature, and this is where he inherited his nickname, the ‘poor man’s Greyhound’ . But as the dog ages and reaches its senior years, their temperament can become less predictable. Whippets are friendly to children, adults and other dogs. The Whippet was an instant success in America, and Whippet racing—for money or just for fun—caught on with people from all walks of life, just as it had in England. Temperament. Originating in England, the breed was first recognized in this country by the American Kennel Club in 1888. TEMPERAMENT. WHIPPET (Effective 31.03.2016) GENERAL APPEARANCE: Balanced combination of muscular power and strength with elegance and grace of outline. Up next: A cross between a Jack Russell and a Poodle, find out why the Jackapoo is gaining popularity! In these five aspects, the whippet puppies are well-loved. Characteristic of Whippet is very interesting because he is the most faithful among all Greyhounds, therefore he is а excellent family dog. Whippet Temperament. Although She likes to play sometimes, She's very quiet and not yappy at all 9 months, 2 weeks ago. Whippets have a very high prey drive due to their hunting background. They are affectionate and loving yet still maintain the typical dignified sighthound demeanor. It is bestowed with great agility along with endurance. Overall, your whippet puppies are nothing to fear in terms of personality, temperament, training, obedience, and maintenance. History; The Whippet was developed at the end of the 19th century through crossing among the Greyhound, the Italian Greyhound, and another terrier type dog.Its name derives from the expression "whip it," meaning “to move quickly.” The Whippet is an outstanding track racer over short distances, reaching speeds of up to 37 miles per hour (60 km per hour), reaching those speeds in seconds! Temperament Gentle, affectionate, even disposition. Well, you are in the right place if you want to know more about the temperament of a whippet, how to train them, and what it is like owning one, or a couple. He needs to communicate with people and can accompany the owner everywhere. All forms of exaggeration should be avoided. Image Source: Instagram-@idrisovacapricornus Temperament, Behavior, and Personality. Built for speed and work. Longhaired Whippets have sweet, friendly personalities and enjoy spending time with people and other dogs (especially dogs of their own kind). Whippets are a smaller version of the greyhound; they look almost identical apart from their height. Whippets are gentle, affectionate companions. A whippet is likely to prefer curling up next to you in bed over climbing into a dog bed located on the floor. Whippets are playful but gentle dogs. The dogs love running games and needs opportunity to run in … The Whippet Terrier mix is a cross of all these things and more! Longhaired Whippet Temperament ... She's the most affectionate and energetic dog I've had! The Whippet is a medium-sized sighthound, combining elegance and athleticism with a friendly, amiable disposition. Consider a few facts about the whippet temperament. A Puppy Whippet on a Boy’s Lap. They are now more commonly known as the more general name of Lurcher. 1 About Whippets; 2 Training Whippets. This is not the breed for you if you need a little more distance between you and the dog. She likes going to people to ask for snuggmles, running, and playing with other dogs. When comparing a whippet’s appearance to a greyhound, it’s hard to spot much that’s different, apart from one thing. Like a greyhound, the whippet is built for speed. An Affectionate Dog. The Whippet is sighthound that hails from England and is a medium size breed. The Whippet is often an affectionate, playful and is naturally calm breed. When considering a whippet, it’s important to note that this dog is extremely affectionate. Size: The ideal height for the male Whippet is 18 ½ in and the ideal height for the female Whippet is 17 ½ in. If you are considering getting a whippet, you need to carefully consider whether or not you can offer the best possible environment for this breed. Temperament and Personality Whippet are cheerful, energetic and affectionate. She is decent at keeping watch, to the point where she may be cautious at first about trusting strangers. Whippet & Greyhound Appearance. And because of their intense speed, people also consider them as “miniature Greyhounds,” and these dogs still work as racing dogs. The legs are long and slender, the chest deep, the abdomen tucked up, the body relatively narrow, and the whole dog is muscular. The Whippet is a medium-sized dog breed which is among one of the fastest dogs in the world. Personality. How about one whose temperament will be energetic and sweet, playful and affectionate? They do well with strangers and other dogs, and they rarely bark. Because the Whippet is such a gentle animal, she is rather friendly and affectionate with other humans. Highly adaptable in domestic and sporting surroundings. Please note, we are experiencing high volumes of traffic during this time and responses may take a little longer than normal. The Whippet is a gentle, patient, tolerant and affectionate dog. Whippets originated in 19th century England, and were first recognized in the United States by the American Kennel Club in 1888. The whippet is similar to a small greyhound. Bedlington Whippet Cross Temperament: This breed is sensitive and affectionate with the owner or family; they aren't happy being left alone all day, every day and may develop behavior problems if this is the case-- for this reason owning a whippet should be considered a decade plus commitment. Of course, the Whippet was bred to outrun all comers from Day One, so this sleek-coated sighthound already has an unfair head start in the speed department.